Your legacy

Your digital legacy

Although we may not realise the full extent, almost all of us use electronic services to handle many parts of our lives. We all use email to communicate with family and friends. Years of treasured and valuable correspondence can be lost if email passwords are not available as part of the legacy we leave behind. The leading email service providers will not release email accounts for your successors, no matter what legal proceedings are undertaken.

Other online activities will include our digital presence on services such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn, and other social media. It can be very distressing for anniversary or birthday messages to keep popping up for loved ones who may have passed away years earlier. If access to such accounts is made available through information stored in the inheritance vault they can be closed down properly.

There are a number of lawsuits being conducted with respect to iTunes. Often considerable investments are made in purchasing music in iTunes, but your successors will not be able to inherit the contents due to licencing restrictions. Leaving the access details in a secure vault will at least allow others to make use of this type of service.