What to store?

Store everything needed for your everyday needs.

Copies of critical documents such as insurance policies, as well as details of bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, bonds, and equities. Details of subscriptions or pre-paid services. These may include gym and club memberships, AA or RAC cover, annually-paid insurances for the car and home, car tax and TV licence among others.

Many of us now use services such as PayPal or eBay, and indeed online gambling services. Money held in any of these accounts can increase the value of the estate if a record is kept within the vault.

Hold other important information

Other important files can be held in the vault.  These can include scanned copies of the photo page of your passport, your driving licence (losing either of these while travelling can be costly and very inconvenient), and other information such as education records, certificates and warranties relating to home modifications, ship’s papers, service records for your car, Manuals, log books and many other documents that you really do not want to lose.

Your digital vault holds all the personal and useful information securely and easily accessible from wherever you may be without the fear of losing or damaging the originals. You are in total control and have easy access from any location with internet access.


Can store registration documents, instruction manuals, licence documents, qualifications, log books, pilotage notes, favourite places etc. 


Store your instruction manuals vehicle insurances manuals and records of trips. The list continues to store what you think is important and keep the actual documents safe and secure.


Keep copies of your licence, club memberships, insurance details, scores, information about different shooting grounds to name a few.


Copies of all your important documentation, log books, navigational notes, flight plans, plane details. All easily accessible for planning or reference purposes even when you do not have them with you.

We have a selection of pre-setup vault configurations for different activities available just contact us and we can send or pre-load them onto your vault. We are always happy to assist in an individual vault set up and answer all your questions.

The usages and permutations are endless and all with an easily accessible secure environment.