It will also be possible for you to upload information to the vault yourself, and to edit and update files that are held there, such as a list of your assets and liabilities.

Whether you access it frequently or only occasionally, the vault will allow you to ensure that your scanned documents are always complete and up-to-date. Your vault will only be available to you. Nobody else will have access to it. If you choose, you can allow other people such as your business associate, executor and members of your family to have access to selected sections of the vault.

The vault capacity is nominally 1 gigabyte. This can typically hold at least 1,000 scanned documents, or more if the majority are electronic files such as spreadsheets. You will also be able to store short video or audio files within this allocation of space. If you need more capacity, this can be made available at a small extra charge. Store business and personal documents.